Upcoming Novel:

The Amber Within


During the late 1800s, in San German, Puerto Rico, twelve-year-old Clara’s worries were a mean stepmother and the occasional sightings of a ghostly lady in yellow. Now at twenty-one, her worries expand as she loses her father, gains the family inheritance, sleepwalks into murder, and escapes to Puerto Rico with her abusive half-brother/husband and stepmother, who try to steal her fortune. 

As planned by her family, Clara's anxieties heighten as they abuse her into thinking that she's crazy. Until Clara learns the truth about the lady in yellow, her powers, and her bruja heritage through her best friend, Josefina. Through revelation, love, and magic Clara harnesses her powers to defeat her abuser with his own demons.



24hr Poems

2017 & 2020

This was a 24hr poetry marathon that Jessica participated in on two occasions, 2017 & 2020. "It's always fun and fast-paced. I love taking part in this wonderful event with other talented poets."

Dear Black Mothers published poem

August 21, 2020

Jessica is extremely proud to share her poem, Dear Black Mothers, that made its debut in the "I Can't Breathe: A Social Justice Magazine" anthology. "This was a project I knew I had to be a part of, the topic is so heavy and important to bring to light. As a POC writer, I felt honored to share my heartfelt emotions with those who were willing to listen and understand."

*If you wish to purchase a copy of the magazine just click on the quotation mark and it will take you to Amazon site.

Current working projects


  1. Amelia-Gothic short story on love and vengeful ghost.

  2. Gone Clamping-Modern Folktale Horror (short) of Bffs go on a glamping trip and come across the crying lady of the lake.

  3. (Another Gothic Novel)-Secret storyline but it involves a fictional character from a famous 19th century book.

  4. We are the Brujas- Poetry Chapbook

  5. When My Ancestors Come Calling for a Feast- Cookbook that focuses on recipes from her upbringing.


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