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Upcoming Novel:

The Amber Within


In 19th century England, Claridad's father passes on her 21st birthday and leaves his entire estate as her dowry. With the new will, Clara finds herself in an awkward position with her step-brother, George. Between spiritual hauntings, a pregnancy out of wedlock, and murder, George pulls through for Clara by marrying her and helping her escape to her homeland in Puerto Rico.  


Despite fleeing, Clara's misfortunes pursue her as she loses her first child and the hauntings resurface. She slowly comes to learn that her husband, George, is not the man she once loved. For the sake of her newly born daughter, Clara gives in to the ghostly woman in yellow as she becomes closer to her Afro-Boriken roots. Through her ancestral spirits, Clara discovers the truth behind her tragedies and gains the strength to fight the true evil plaguing her. 

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Books, Short Stories, & Poems: Latest Book


24hr Poems

2017 & 2020

This was a 24hr poetry marathon that Jessica participated in on two occasions, 2017 & 2020. "It's always fun and fast-paced. I love taking part in this wonderful event with other talented poets."

Dear Black Mothers published poem

August 21, 2020

Jessica is extremely proud to share her poem, Dear Black Mothers, that made its debut in the "I Can't Breathe: A Social Justice Magazine" anthology. "This was a project I knew I had to be a part of, the topic is so heavy and important to bring to light. As a POC writer, I felt honored to share my heartfelt emotions with those who were willing to listen and understand."

*If you wish to purchase a copy of the magazine just click on the quotation mark and it will take you to Amazon site.

Current working projects


  1. The Three Ophelias-a Gothic novel on love and vengeful ghost

  2. Gone Clamping-Modern Folktale Horror (short) of Bffs go on a glamping trip and come across La Llorona

  3. (Another Gothic Novel)-Secret storyline but it involves a fictional character from a popular 19th-century Brit Lit

  4. We are the Brujas- Poetry Chapbook

  5. When My Ancestors Come Calling for a Feast- Cookbook that focuses on recipes from her upbringing.

Books, Short Stories, & Poems: Work
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